Moondrop Aria Snow Edition Earbud High Performance Diamond-Like Diaphragm Price: $79.99 (as of 04/09/2023 12:23 PST- Details)

Aria Snow Edition Clear Refined Sound Pure as Snow :As the name suggests, the sound of the Aria Snow is clear, transparent, and rich in detail. This combination of old and new preserves the Aria’ s delicate treatment of high frequencies, while taking advantage of the Kanas Pro’ S triple-frequency balance style, thus delivering high-quality detail and pure, clear timbre.
Inheritance, Upgrade and Integration of High-Quality Hardware :Utilizing a 10mm diameter dual-cavity dynamic driver, the Aria Snow inherits much of the component configuration and acoustic structure of the original Aria. It also adopts an ultra-fine imported Daikoku CCAW voice coil to form a lightweight suspension system, and a brass inner cavity controls the volume to regulate the natural frequency of the system.
Meticulous Tuning :In common with all MOONDROP dynamic driver products, the Aria Snow uses a composite cavity, multiple tuning holes, and multiple acoustic dampers with different parameters for accurate frequency response adjustment. The resulting tuning meets all technical objectives and delivers an exceptionally satisfying listening experience.