LISEN Cell Phone Stand Height Adjustable Phone Stand for Desk Triangular Price: $11.99 (as of 02:57 EST- More info)

ūüĎć„ÄźTriangle Stability„ÄĎ Our phone stand for desk designers took inspiration from the stable structure of the triangle to design this ultra stable cell phone stand for desk. The triangle is the most stable desk phone holder. The triangular shape of the round base and the full coverage of silicone at the bottom provide a large force area and super grip, and the telescoping pole and the bottom form a trigonal cone, which distributes the weight of the stand perfectly to the desktop support points and remains stable even when the tablet is placed on the ipad stand for desk.
ūüĎć„ÄźAlways¬†the Best Angle for You„ÄĎ With¬†an¬†angle¬†adjustment¬†range¬†of¬†90¬į¬†and¬†a¬†height¬†that¬†extends¬†up¬†to¬†7¬†inches,¬†our¬†flexible¬†phone¬†stand¬†ensures¬†that¬†your¬†phone¬†is¬†always¬†at¬†the¬†best¬†viewing¬†angle,¬†even¬†on¬†different¬†desk¬†and¬†in¬†different¬†environments.¬†With¬†your¬†phone¬†always¬†at¬†your¬†viewing¬†angle,¬†you¬†no¬†longer¬†need¬†to¬†worry¬†about¬†back¬†and¬†neck¬†injuries¬†caused¬†by¬†looking¬†down¬†at¬†your¬†phone¬†for¬†long¬†periods¬†of¬†time.¬†A¬†perfect¬†desk¬†accessory¬†to¬†free¬†your¬†hands¬†to¬†watch¬†online¬†courses¬†and¬†do¬†live¬†streaming.
ūüĎć „ÄźFull silicone cover anti-slip„ÄĎ Through the analysis of hundreds of cell phone stand on the market, we found that most of them are not environmentally friendly way to make the cell phone stand stable by piling up the weight of the material, so we made a change and designed this triangular round base according to the force structure to keep it stable and more environmentally friendly, and the bottom of the triangular base is fully covered with silicone to eliminate the instability of the cell phone stand sliding or even tipping