Bug Zapper Indoor, Powerful 3 Speed Adjustable Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors,

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[New Tech Tempting Blue Light for Most Insects]: Our cutting-edge bug zapper indoor features the latest 18W blue light bulb, emitting an enticing wavelength of 365-395nm that is remarkably effective in attracting and capturing mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, moths, and various other flying pests. Experience the ultimate solution for tackling flying insect nuisances easily, providing your home with round-the-clock, enduring protection.
[Customizable 3-Mode Control to Meet Your Needs]: Our indoor bug zapper for home boasts a trifecta of adjustable modes to cater to your diverse requirements. The mute mode is suitable for sleep hours, the standard setting for everyday use, and the powerful mode for areas with high insect activity. A simple touch of the “+” or “-” switch to control the fan’s rotation speed, then just leave the mosquito zapper indoor to perform its miraculous.
[Potent Suction for Optimal Fly Capture]: Our fruit fly traps for indoors adopts a built-in 5-leaf fan alongside an ingeniously designed funnel to create immensely robust and potent suction, compelling any annoying bugs into the fruit fly trap. Once lured inside, these pests are ensnared by the adhesive glue board. With the electric fly traps, rid your living space of these intruders effectively and enjoy a home free from the bothersome presence of insects.