MARLALL Bone Conduction Headphone, Bluetoth Open-Ear/Air Bone Earphones/Earbuds with Mic, Price: $35.99 (as of 04/08/2023 11:30 PST- Details)

✅Real Bone Conduction Headphone: Our bone conduction headphones convert sound into mechanical vibration and transmit sound to the auditory nerve through the cheekbones. Compared with in-ear TWS earbuds which will cause stress and obvious discomfort to the ears for a long time, the bone conduction headphones have liberated the ears, which can effectively protect our eardrums and reduce hearing loss to some extent.
✅Keep Danger Away: Non-in ear wireless bone earphones have no need to block the ears like the traditional headphones, you can still hear the surrounding sounds when listening to music or audiobooks. Detecting sudden vehicles, the shouts of others, and judging the environment in real-time. It avoids the danger of accidents caused by not being able to hear the outside voice and greatly improves the safety of outdoor sports.
✅Healthy & Clean: The open-ear design of bone conduction earphones is very helpful in maintaining the internal hygiene of the ear. It is suitable for people with oily ears, otitis media patients, small ears, and outdoor activity enthusiasts as well, which can keep your ear canal open and dry when you hear the sound. It is worth mentioning that the surface of the open ear bone conduction headphones is smooth and very easy to clean.