Adjrp Fruit Fly Traps, Triple Speed Adjustable Fruit Fly Traps for Mosquitoes Price: $49.89 (as of 20:05 EST- More info)

【QUADRUPLE FLY CONTROL SYSTEM】The fruit fly traps for indoors adopt a quadruple trapping system: first, the mosquitoes, gnats, flies and other insects are attracted to the double circle blue light, then a powerful suction created by built-in fan and funnel pulls them down and trap them into a glue board. Light the mosquito trap up and rid your home of pesky flying insects.
【DUAL CIRCLES BLUE LIGHT, DOUBLE ATTRACTION】: Our fly killer has 18 blue lamp beads on the upper circle, 27 on the lower one, emitting 365nm wavelength to lure the pesky bugs near the electric commercial fly trap. Just place the fly killer close to fruit, plants or trash bin,and turn off the room lights for better results.
【POWERFUL & STRONGER SUCTION】Our gnat killer indoor uses innovative dual-core powerful fan, up to 2,500RPM. Combine with the funnel designed to create vortex airflow for increasing the suction power and improving the mosquito-killing efficiency of flies killer indoor by 45%. No more mosquito bites, gnats and flies buzzing around.